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P Clean Emergency Detox Flush -1 Hour Detox Pills - Pass Urine Drug Test

Detoxify with P Clean urine detoxification capsules! They are stronger than all liquid detox drinks. For a whole body cleanse use the seven day Daily Detox and pass drug test! Detoxify with Oasis hair follicle detoxification shampoo for hair follicle drug test GUARANTEED! We have been providing quality urine hair follicle drug test detox products for 15 years. For further details carefully read product instructions on how to pass a drug test. P Clean.biz distributes the Oasis Hair Follicle Detoxification Shampoo, Seven Day Daily Detox, and Oasis All Out Detox! Remember P Clean 1 Hour Emergency Detox Capsules are Money Back Guaranteed!


For over a decade we have sold thousands of detoxification pills like the omni detox pill, strip detox, stat flush, BNG Enterprises Q clean, herbal clean, and Qcarbo liquid detoxification drinks. Brands like Detoxify ready clean, total eclipse, 7 Day Detox, and hair follicle detoxification shampoo. Short to say we've sold them all. We know best how to pass a drug test, and which urine detoxification capsules work best.

If you have a random drug test, relax you need not stress any more. Our detoxification products specialist Erick Scott has 14 years experience in Nutrition, herbal detoxification, and retail history selling drug detoxification products. He as well as our cleansing product staff constantly research and conduct studies on detoxification products.

Our study found P Clean Detox capsules and the Oasis Quick Clean detox products, by Day Light Nutrition to be the most dependable solution for your drug testing needs. Whether you have to take a random drug test, scheduled drug test for marijuana THC, or cocaine drug test, opiates, or amphetamines. We have the solution to your drug test problem.

The formulators of P Clean Detox and Oasis Quick Clean capsules have mastered a herbal clean drug detox capsule based product, that delivers more punch than any liquid detox drink. Detoxify with more cleansing potency than liquid detox drinks, and without the nasty taste. We have not discovered any cleansing capsule or detoxification pills with the ingredient quality and cleansing power of P clean Detox or Oasis Quick Clean. The most effective 1 hour herbal detox on today's market. Money back guaranteed anytime you need to pass a drug test.

P Clean and Oasis Quick Clean Detox formulators are a group of certified Nutritionist, Chemist, and Herbalist with a combined experience of over 46 years in urine detoxification knowledge.

Any individual who needs a daily detox for whole body cleanse should detoxify with the Oasis Daily Detox capsules.


Scheduled Drug Tests: Scheduled test are when you are required to submit a urine, saliva, or hair sample while being told in advance the time and test date. Knowing before hand allows you to better prepare for a successful drug screen.

Random Drug Test: Random test are commonly used by employers to detect drug use by employees. In most cases this is done to promote a safe and efficient work environment. Also to prevent paying workman's compensation to employees who injure themselves while under the influence of drugs.

Hair Follicle Drug Test: Hair test testing is the more modern method for detecting drugs. Labs use a one-inch sample of the donor's hair. Any laboratory conducting a hair follicle test for analysis can detect drug use in the sample donor for up to two months prior to time of test. Always remember the people with course or dark hair have run a higher risk of testing positive for drug use without using the hair follicle detoxification shampoo.

Blood Drug Test: This is the most accurate method to prove recent drug use. This type of drug testing measures the exact metabolite of drug present at the time of testing, which gives the best indication and level of drug abuse from the sample donor. Blood drug testing is mainly used to investigate accidents, life insurance examinations, and health insurance claims. Marijuana in the blood can be detected between 5 to 22 hours.

Urinalysis Drug Test: Urinalysis is the testing method that relies on the metabolites of drug toxins that are filtered out from the kidneys, and sent to the bladder. Once in the bladder, a urinalysis drug test will detect THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) a byproduct and proof of drug use. Urinalysis is the most commonly used method for drug testing.


Remember knowing the type of drug test you are taking, will determine which cleansing product will best meet your needs. The Oasis quick clean will best meet your cleansing needs if you have a random drug test, scheduled urinalysis, or test within 6 days of being notified.

  • Random Testing: Oasis Quick Clean
  • Hair Drug Test: Oasis / Hair Follicle Detox Formula
  • Drug Test 7-14 Days: Oasis Daily Detox Formula
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